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On 2nd September, 58 participants from different parts of the country arrived in NBCLC. After two weeks we were happy to welcome three more sisters from Uganda. Among them were 31 Junior Sisters preparing for their Final Commitment/Profession, 6 Novices, 3 Brothers preparing for their Final Commitment, 5 priests & one brother to renew his Biblical formation and 15 Sisters of different Congregations, ages and experiences. The warm welcome by the Director, Fr. Sagaya John and his devoted Staff, made the group quickly feel at home. We inaugurated the four week intensive Course on Bible “Walking with the Word”. We had the bible procession and the meaningful prayer.

"Every Eucharist is the centre of consecrated life"

Everyday Eucharist nourished our soul through breaking the Word of God, Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and other spiritual activities like Reflection, Recollection, Meditation, Morning & evening prayers, group mass, Lectio Divina helped the participants to grow spiritually, to live their consecrated life with full energy for Christ.It was a time to experience the variety of hymns and Bhajans from different languages.

We stared our days with a short prayer from 9 am to 4.30 pm in turn, different Biblical scholars from near and far gave of their expertise to the avid participants. There were five sessions each day. The different topics on Bible helped them to gain lots of understanding and wisdom on the scripture. It also helped them personally to read the Word of God, reflect the Word of God with present context.Though it was hard to sit down in the class room, for long hours, but lively music,short break helped them to relax in between the sessions.The course has given them a taste for the Word of God. Naturally, one cannot get to know the depths in a short time. But having received the background, we feel, we have a good tool in our hand to use for the rest of our days and to do some study on our own. If it has served to help us to experience God, and hear Him speaking to us in the core of our hearts, then this journey is worth. Having received the background, we feel we have a good tool in hand to use for the rest of our days and to do some study on our own. Yet, much more than that, we have deepened our love for the Person of God and His word. Our faith has deepened and also the desire to make His Word known.

Time Table & Duty assigned:
Time table was well planned before hand; it helped the group to feel that they had sufficient time for everything from the time of rising till they go to bed. The group and the work assigned for each group was divided well in advanced, it was appreciated by the group, due to this group duties everything went smoothly without any confusion.

Recreation was the time for relaxation which helped them to get to know each other better; it was time for lots of fun and laughter. Everyone made effort to bringout their creativity and talents in the group, and it was unique. Saint’s movies and Inspiration movies helped everyone to have desire to the consecrated life authentically.

Meals and Accommodation:
The participants appreciated and enjoyed the delicious food served at the table everyday; it was really good with lots of love and taste by a cheerful set of catering staff. We appreciate the variety of dishes, which kept them healthy throughout the month. NBCLC provided all the facilities which the group was in need off and they also took care of every minute things of the group, even when someone gets sick they were ready to accompany them to hospital, at any time and at any cost.

At the end of the Bible course, the participants suggested that this wonderful course must be available for all who thirst for the Word of God. The scholars always helped the participants with methodology, spiritual reflections, theological insights and historical back ground. The participants were helped to go deeper into the Word of God, and discover his presence and guidance. The course has helped them to experience God, listen to him again and again, so that the journey is divine experience and people crave for such experience. They also suggested that for some of the topics days are not enough, if you could increase the days it will be helpful for the participants.