Vision & Mission

The NBCLC is an animating organism under the auspices of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) to promote renewal of the life and the mission of the Church in India as inspired by Vatican II. It achieves the objective by the Ministry of the Word relating it to the context of India so that the community emerges as fully Indian and authentically Christian at the service of society.

The NBCLC seeks:
To be at the service of the Church in India particularly in the areas of Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Apostolate.

1. To promote and coordinate renewal of the Church in India through the contextualized ministry of the Word encouraging inculturation in all aspects of life.

2. To undertake this ministry of the Word in mutual understanding and cooperation with the three Ritual Churches in India.

3. To promote this Ministry of the Word through a triple dialogue: with the poor, with cultures and with religions.