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Training of Resource Persons for the Tamil Seminar at Trichy 22-23 July, 2023

REPORT of the TRAINING Programme to TRAINERS held at Swami Amalorananda Renewal Centre, Alundur, Trichy on Saturday 22nd July 2023.

This programme intended for training of Resource Persons was attended by 9 Lay persons (5 Men + 4 Women) and Fr. A. Louis, Fr. X. D. Selvaraj, Mr. Antony Fernandez, Mr. P. Lawrence, Sr. Mariella served as Resource Persons

The Programme started at 10 am with Bhajan, followed by reading from the Apostolate of Laity ( II Vat. Douc.) and prayer.

The Coordinator Mr. P. Lawrence welcomed the participants and all the resource persons.

Fr. X. D. Selvaraj, moderated the sessions. All the participants shared their experience with self-introduction.

Fr. X. D. Selvaraj explained the purpose of this Training Programme and the Agenda.

Fr. A. Louis gave a small introduction about the committed Lay Leadership and their call and duties in the Church and Society.

Mr. P. Lawrence, the Coordinator gave a short history of Second Vatican Council, NBCLC, and formation of Laity by NBCLC from 1981 in Tamil. Also he informed that from 1984 onwards the laity formed by NBCLC are serving as Resource Persons at NBCLC.

After tea break, at 11.30 the participants were asked to deliver a talk on any one of the topics they selected out of 18 topics given already. Each and every participants were given 7 to 8 mts. for presentation of their talk. Immediately after each talk was evaluated and suggestions were given by participants and Resource Persons.

After lunch at 1.30 pm, the session started at 2.30 pm. The presentation and evaluation continued upto 4.30 pm and went for Tea.

At 5.00 pm an evaluation of the programme was held. The participants expressed positive feelings. At the end all the participants were advised to prepare at least three topics of their choice, and practice in their places - BCCs, Lay Organisations, Parishes and Dioceses.

At 7.00 pm, all the participants attended the Holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr. X. D. Selvaraj. After supper at 8.00pm all went for rest.

Date: 23 July, 2023, Sunday.

Venue:- Swami Amalorananda Renewal Centre, Alundur, Trichy.
Participants:- Members of CRMI trained at NBCLC.
Spiritual Guide and President of the Meeting: - Fr. A. Louis, Anjali Ashram, Mysuru.
Adviser:- Fr. X. D. Selvaraj, Tuticorin.
Guest:- Rev. Dr. John Baptist, Director, NBCLC, Bangaluru.
Moderator:- Mr. A. Antony Fernandez.
Programme Anouncer:- Mrs. Merlin Usha.

On the invitation of Fr. A. Louis, the Spiritual Guide of CRMI, the members of CRMI trained at NBCLC, assembled at Renewal Centre Alundur on 23.7.23, Sunday. 59 participants from 12 Dioceses participated.

Meeting started at 10.00 am with Bhajan, Reading from Gospel and Prayer.

Fr. A. Louis, the President welcomed all the CRMI members and Rev. Dr. A. John Baptist, Director NBCLC, Rev. Fr. X. D. Selvaraj, Tuticotin, Rev. Fr. A. Maria Vincent, V. F. Kuzhithurai Diocese. The president requested Mr. A. Antony Fernandez to moderate the sessions and Mrs. Merlin Usha to announce the programme. Fr. A. Louis in his sharing, remembered Swami Amalor the founder of CRMI and Aacharya Guru of Anjali Ashram. The members of CRMI are not slaves to anybody and they are servants of all. This consultation meeting is guided by the Holy Spirit and each and every one can share their experiences, suggestions and plan of action for the future of CRMI.

Rev. Dr. A. John Baptist, the Director of NBCLC, in his felicitation address congratulated the CRMI members and he wished to know more about it. He insisted that the laity should come forward to know the church, it's teachings, duties and rights to be witness of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Fr. A. Maria Vincent in his sharing expressed his relationship and collaboration with Swami Amalor in forming CRMI with Mr. Ashok and Mr. Sebastian Dhasan. He explained the Four aims of CRMI, Viz. 1.Lay Leadership, and 2.Inculturation.

3. Inter faith Dialogue.
4. Social Justice.

Also, CRMI insist on self-renewal and Socity renewal. The members are advised to collaborate with each other in all the activities of CRMI and decision making.

After Tea break, the members expressed their views on the functioning and activities of CRMI. For the past three years the movement is not functioning properly and it have to be reactivated and renewed. At 1.30 pm the participants went for lunch.

After lunch by 2.30pm, Sir. Mariella from Anjali Ashram informed the house that Fr. Louis is not well and his health is very poor. In this situation he may not be able to guide and attend the meetings of CRMI. Therefore on behalf of Fr. A. Louis, Rev. Fr. X. D. Selvaraj can be the Executive Guide of CRMI. Fr. A. Louis also endorsed the proposal.

The proposal was accepted by all the members. Fr. X. D. Selvaraj accepted the proposal with the following condition.

All the present office bearers have completed their term. At this stage a new set of persons have to be selected as office bearers to renew the movement. For this it was decided by the participants to divide Tamil Nadu Region into Five Regions as

  1. Palai Region
  2. Madurai Region
  3. Tiruchy Region
  4. Chennai Region
  5. Coimbatore Region.

From each Region two representatives were elected by the concerned Regional participants. They were also asked to prepare plan of action for six months.

After Tea, at 4.30 pm Concelebrated Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. A. Louis.

After Mass all the elected regional representatives with Mr. Arokiaraj, the outgoing secretary assembled for a planing meeting chaired by Fr. X. D. Selvaraj.

In that meeting Mr. Arokiasamy from Dindugal was elected as Tamil Nadu Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Clara Rose fr.