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Tamil Seminar from 11th to 17th January 2020

Training of Lay Leaders in the Church has been an important aspect of the mission of NBCLC from its very inception. Twenty five participants were present for the lay leadership seminar including 2 youth 4 women from different parts of Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. They were invited to various forms of prayer, yoga, meditation, liturgy, etc in an atmosphere of silence so as to facilitate deep God experience. There were inputs in the form of skits, lectures, dialogues, discussions and videos on the following.

1. Social analysis at local, regional, national and global levels.
2. Political trends & culture.
3. Situations at the time of Jesus and his response.
4. New vision and inculturation in the light of the 2nd Vatican Council teachings.
5. Inter – religious dialogue.
6. Group dynamics
7. Participatory structures.
8. Youth & women
9. Spirituality
10. Lay leadership and social involvement.

To assess the extent and level of assimilation of the subjects by the participants’ workshops and reporting sessions were held. Punctuality, interpersonal relationship and basic human values were insisted upon.

Pongal was celebrated in a grand and meaningful manner. The participants were very much inspired by this celebration. The keen interest evinced by the participants throughout the seminar was noteworthy. Every effort was made by the resource team to facilitate a new experiential were pleasant and appreciated. Seven days stay and inner journey at NBCLC empowered the participants to lead a witnessing Christian life in a new way in the present context, As the outcome of this seminar, the participants have expressed that they are spiritually fully charged with the power of the Lord to fight for the cause of justice. They also felt that it was necessary to work in collaboration with the leaders of the other religious to bring peace and harmony, unity and justice. Lay spirituality could play their role in the church and in the society.