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Tamil Seminar for Laity, at Trichy (Laity Centre)

NBCLC (National Biblical Catechetical & Liturgical Centre) Bengaluru in collaboration with Laity Commission of Tamilnadu Region and Youth Commission of the same region organised a three day seminar on the theme “Political Involvement of Youth in Today’s Context” at Tamilnadu Laity Centre, Pratiyur–Trichy, from 24.01.2021 to 26.01.2021.

The Speakers were Fr. X. D. Selvaraj, Rev. Fr. Martin, secretary of the state Youth Commission; Rev. Fr. James Victor; Rev. Fr. D. Lourdusamy; Rev. Dr. Xavier Arokiasamy ; Rev. Dr. A. John Baptist; Mr. Lawrence, of CRMI (Christian Regional Movement of India); Mr. Kovan; T. Selvi Ruffina, the Secretary of Roja group.

On the final day there was Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr. X. D. Selvaraj.After the mass the national flag was hosted by Rev. Dr. A. John Baptist

The session was conducted on the topic “Politics of Region of God and Youth”, by Rev Dr. A. John Baptist. After the tea break, there was a Planning Session, and Resolutions were taken.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. P. Lawrence and the seminar ended with concluding prayer.