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The Seminar on Religious Leadership for Mission in the Synodal Church

Batch 2: 29 July to 5 th August 2023

29.07.2023 The inauguration of the Second Batch of Seminar on Religious Leadership for Formators and Religious Animators commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. A total of 59 participants from 18 distinct congregations were present for this event. Fr. John Baptist, the Director of NBCLC, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. The day's thematic focus was "Mission Leadership in the Present Indian Scenario," delivered by the erudite resource person, Fr. Jerry SJ. The session commenced with an engaging exploration of the concept "MAD," urging leaders to create a transformative impact through mission and passion. This notion underscored the call to envision and implement meaningful change within the framework of the Divine mission, thereby cultivating a just society founded on equality and fraternity.

30.07.2023 The day's deliberations revolved around the topic "Feminism and Empowerment of Women," with Sr. Smitha Gabriel ASI as the esteemed resource person. Sr. Smitha adeptly delved into the historical underpinnings of feminism, tracing its distinct waves and ideological currents. She accentuated the overarching goal of achieving gender parity in political, economic, personal, and social spheres. The discourse extensively explored the empowerment of women through the prism of feminism. Subsequently, group discussions were held to address prevailing taboos and afflictions that women are confronted with, emphasizing the need for healing.

31.07.2023 Fr. Tony CST orchestrated the day's thematic exploration on "Self- Confidence in Mid-Life Transition." His insightful sessions provided attendees with a profound realization of life's intricate tapestry. Emphasizing the role of leaders as bearers of an expansive heart capable of embracing life in its entirety, he advocated aligning one's vision and wisdom with the legacy of past and present leaders. The notion that "Christ has no hands but ours" underscored a call to aspire towards Christ-like qualities. The discourse meticulously examined the dual facets of identity and generativity, igniting an impetus for self-enhancement and the development of constructive attitudes.

01.08.2023 Bro. Paulraj SG delivered a comprehensive elucidation on "Balancing the Dichotomy of Youth and Elders in the Contemporary Community." This session highlighted the challenges posed by the generation gap in both societal and religious contexts. Attendees gained insight into the disparities existing among the young, middle-aged, and elderly populations, encompassing differing moral values, respect for others, political ideologies, work ethics, and cultural attributes. The discourse effectively underscored the dilemmas arising from generation-based disparities in consecrated life.

02.08.2023 The day's discourse centered on "Ethics and Moral Issues in Religious Life: Practical Guidance from a Canonical Perspective," elucidated by Bishop Rayappan. An in-depth examination of canonical law's intrinsic connection with religious life was conducted, emphasizing essential aspects such as rights, obligations, and adherence to reason-based ordinances. The discourse further explored the exercise of authority within the parameters of service, guided by principles of humility and charity. Practical tips for animators were also dispensed.

03.08.2023 Fr. Joe Manneth SDB steered the session on "Experience-Based Tips for Superiors and Formators." The discourse initiated with reflections on inspiring leadership qualities. Attendees delved into pertinent topics, encompassing the essential attributes of superiors, diverse leadership styles, key functions, and actionable leadership lessons drawn from Pope Francis and Archbishop Romero.

04.08.2023 The thematic exploration of "Women Empowerment and Gender Justice in Church and Society" was eloquently presented by Sr. Smitha Gabriel ASI. Attendees garnered profound insights into the inherent strength of women, characterized by their ability to endure pain, exhibit resilience, and embrace selflessness. The discourse drew from the parable of the prodigal son and delved into diverse facets of feminism. Engaging group discussions contemplated the contributions of women religious and secular leaders.

05.08.2023 Fr. Alphonse masterfully illuminated the topic "Leadership in View of Vatican II and Post-Vatican Documents of Pope Francis." The essence of leadership was expounded, emphasizing its role in motivating individuals towards goal attainment. Varied leadership styles were scrutinized, with a notable emphasis on synodal leadership. The discourse traversed through key elements of Jesus' leadership, synodality, communion, participation, and mission, underscored by Pope Francis' humble and compassionate example.

The seminar's conclusion left participants invigorated with a renewed vision and energy, primed to embrace enlightened leadership in their respective spheres.