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11-18 JULY 2023
The first batch of the Religious Superiors Formation Course unfolded from the 11th to the 18th of July 2023, held at the eminent National Biblical, Catechetical, and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC) located in Bangalore. On the 10th of July, sisters, fathers, and brothers arrived at NBCLC from different parts of India, representing various religious congregations.

11.07.2023 - Tuesday - Day 1
The day began with an opening prayer, and the director, Fr. John Baptist, warmly welcomed the 39 participants. Subsequently, the resource person, Fr. Sunil D’Souza, was introduced by the director. Fr. Sunil delved into the topic: Ethics and Moral Issues in Religious Life: Practical Guidance from a Canonical Perspective. This subject was divided into two sections:
Institute of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Fr. Sunil presented different chapters of the Code of Canon Law in a practical manner, facilitating a deeper understanding and application in our future missions. The session concluded at 4:30 PM, and Fr. Pradeep expressed gratitude on behalf of the participants.

12th July 2023 - Day 2
Fr. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF, the resource person for the day, was welcomed by Fr. John Baptist. The day's topic focused on: Balancing the Dichotomy of Youth and Elders within the Community Today. Fr. Xavier provided clear explanations supported by practical examples in alignment with Church teachings. This enriched participants' knowledge of community life and its dynamics. Sr. Sheela Paul conveyed thanks on behalf of the attendees.

Day 3 - 13.07.2023
The day's topic was: "Self-Confidence in Midlife Transition: Psycho-Spiritual Maturity of a Religious Leader in Midlife Transition." Fr. Tony Thampi CSC, the resource person, was introduced and welcomed by Fr. John Baptist. Fr. Tony adeptly animated the midlife transition topic, employing engaging methods such as audio-visuals and interactive discussions. The participants found the session valuable for their missions ahead. Sr. Juliet extended the vote of thanks.

Day 4 - 14.07.2023
The day's focus was on: Practical Guidelines for Superiors and Formators. Fr. Joe Manath SDB, the resource person, was introduced by Fr. John Baptist. Fr. Joe covered a range of topics in five sessions, including the essentials of effective leadership, personal development, community building, extending community beyond institutions, avoiding pitfalls, and qualities of a good religious superior. His deep insights, practical examples, and memorable anecdotes enriched the understanding of all participants. Sr. Amali expressed gratitude at the end of the session.

Days 5 and 6 - 15 to 16 July 2023
Sr. MettiAmirtham, the resource person, conducted sessions on: Women Empowerment and Gender Justice in the Church and Society. She was welcomed by the Director. Sr. Metti covered topics like educational and economic empowerment, cultural challenges, and patriarchal influences. She discussed the role of women in the Bible, other religions, and society as a whole. Audio-visual aids were used to empower participants, and Sr. JemaSoreng conveyed thanks at the conclusion of the sessions.

Day 7 - 17 July 2023
The focus was on: Mission Leadership in the Present Indian Scenario. Fr. Jerry Rosario SJ, the resource person, was welcomed by Fr. John. Fr. Jerry emphasized that leadership is not self-serving but for the greater mission of God and Jesus. He explored societal analysis, diverse approaches, practical strategies, and the spiritual dimension of leadership. Sr. Dorothy extended gratitude at the end of the session.

Day 8 - 18-07-2023
The final day's topic was: Leadership in View of Vatican II and Post-Vatican Documents of Pope Francis. The resource person, Fr. D. Alphonse, was introduced by Fr. John. Fr. Alphonse succinctly explained different leadership styles - dictatorial, persuasive, consultative, democratic, and servant leadership. He highlighted essential elements of Jesus' leadership and Pope Francis' teachings. Sr. Rajkumari expressed thanks.

After the leadership course concluded, some participants departed while others remained for a counselling course. Sr. Crena conveyed gratitude to all NBCLC staff members.