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From: The Director, NBCLC
To : The Principal of Primary / Middle / High Schools

Dear Rev. Father, Brother, Sister,
I am happy to inform you that we have printed the Revised Version of the “God-with-us Catechetical Series”, I to VI. There is an action song cassette / CD to accompany Books I & II respectively at Rs. 50/- each and for Books III & IV (combined) at Rs. 55/-. The old version of the God-with-us books for Stds. VII to X are also available. We shall be happy to receive your early orders so that we can dispatch the books as soon as possible. Kindly fill in the order form given below. We offer 10% discount for bulk orders.

• Catechism Books we give schools – 10% ; Bengaluru Sunday Schools – 15% ; Book Shops – 20%

Addressed to: The Director, NBCLC, Post Bag 8426, Hutchins Road 2nd cross, Bangalore – 560 084.
Tel: 080- 25472369 e-mail:

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