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Mission Retreat from 5th Oct to 10th Oct 2019

We have started our Mission retreat at N.B.C.L.C. Bangalore from 5th Oct to 10th Oct 2019. About 3 priests and 38 sisters from 2 different congregations participated in the retreat. We were warmly welcomed by Rev.Fr.Sagaya John the director of NBCLC and his team. "Mercy & Mission Today" was the theme of our six days mission retreat preached by Fr. David CSSR.

The very first day theme was on pain and suffering, it is a gift from God. Dr.Abdul Kalam says one person’s death is the death of our country, very specially the consecrated people. The points were very much practical and the number of incidents stirred and disturbed our whole being. Some of the questions awakened us and helped us to evaluate, where we are standing? For Example: What is my mission? Which are the areas destroyed, disfigured us? It is only I need to speak to God. Who is ready to answer and solve our problem? We had enough time to reflect and pray to God.

The second day talk was suffering is the medicine to cure us. Missionary words are powerful, being and doing is important.

The third day morning talk was about the GRACE. Grace has to be within us in our religious life. Gracefully accept the journey not destination. Am i walking gracefully in my ministry? 2nd talk was on obedience, When i am obedient to God then i am close to God, which will costs sacrifice & surrender. Mission demands sacrifice suffering and pain. Only the word of God can help us to walk the path of obedience.

The fourth day talk was on prayer, it is the essential for our religious life. Only the prayer helps us to live our community life and spread the fragrance of God’s love peace and joy in our mission field.

The 5th day talk was on connectivity between God and humanity. As a religious what is the priority in our mission and in the community life? The preacher very well explained and shared his own personal experience the mercy of God in his life and many other people’s life. Also he explained the grace we receive when we pray the Divine Mercy chaplets.

As we are engaged in different mission as a consecrated person, we should have thirst for God and to do his mission joyfully in faith and courage. This retreat inspired and energized the participants as ministers and missionaries of the world. We had a wonderful time in NBCLC, enjoyed the quietness of this place which helped all the participants to make fruitful retreat. We thank God for His mercy and graces during these days.