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Marian Seminar was organised from 19th to 21st of February. 1 priest; 4 sisters and 10 Novices participated in the programme.

Thanks to Fr. Sagaya John, the Director of NBCLC who helped us to attend this seminar on "Mary, The Mother and Guide." The theme was exposed dividing it for three days. First day it was "Called to Consecrate, second day, Mary is Ark of the covenant, the Tabernacle. Third day, Mary, our guide."

On the first day, Fr.Peter Swamy shared his reflections, on the consecrated life, Mary as a model and challenges today in the consecrated life. The second day, Fr.Jude Nirmal Doss explained about Mary’s roll from the Scripture both Old & New Testament. On the concluding day, Mary, The Mother and guide.

The theme in general has biblical basis, Fathers of the Church, Vatican Documents and spiritual reflections. The participants were happy to know more about the Holy Mother from the Scripture and develop their devotion to her. Mary continuous to be enlightening woman, because she is the treasure house of all graces.

The seminar also focussed on Mary’s mission. The mission of Mary is based on her oneness with Jesus. Mary is a model for all missionaries in the joy of proclaiming Jesus the Prince of Peace.