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Lay Leadership Seminar in Marathi ( 31st Oct to 8th Nov 2019)

There were 38 participants including the resource persons, Fr.Anil was the programme organizer along with other colleagues. The theme of the programme was to become the “Christian Leaders for His people”.

To God be the Glory!!!
From 31st Oct to 8th Nov 2019 has been a remarkable time for all of us. Now we feel like not resting as we look forward to an exciting future. As we reflect on the days spent here, we are taken up as we walked the first time into the campus of NBCLC, to make new friends, getting various responsibilities and groups and above all experiencing God’s abundant love through all the staff. Just like a farmer when farms the land first clean the ground out of rocks, the same way was our experience after having a good confession. The farmer then sows the seed and maintains the land; these days the resource persons were taking care of us all. Like the farmer sows the seeds into the ground, the sessions on catechism, liturgy, and leadership were like sowing the seeds of knowledge in us. As most of us thought we know our faith & religion but after listening & learning from the sessions we realised that we only know a grain and yet there is a whole field with multiple grains to know. The sessions have taught us not only how to be a leader but to be a effective, active and humble leader. The sessions all taught us about our responsibilities, duties and helped us to strengthen our faith, deepen our love for Jesus & Mary. The group discussions helped us find out the problems, challenges faced by the church but above all to find solutions to it, which will help us to work effectively in our parishes through the skills of a leader which we learned in this seminar. We feel responsible towards our church & faith. The evening time was full of fun and laughter. As we come together for each meal we enjoyed all the dishes served on the table with lots of love by catering staff.

We thank all those who supported us here in NBCLC to carry out the mandate of 2Timothy2:2 “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”. We the participants gratefully remember and thank the director, fathers, sisters, brother and all the staff members who helped us and made our stay a comfortable one.