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Seminar for Religious Superiors & Formators (Batch 1 & Batch II)

On 13th July and 31st July we were warmly welcomed by our director Rev.Fr.Sagaya John and his team. It was a great joy for all of us to attend the course on leadership for formators and animators. About 84 sisters 7 priests from different Congregations profited from this enriching and enlightening programme.

Day1: Fr.DAlphonse (Leadership in view of Vatican II & Post Vatican and recent Documents of Pope Francis
There are many forms of leadership. Nonetheless, one cannot get stuck up with a particular form of leadership. Leadership by nature is situational and it comprises sometimes the elements of various forms of leadership or just one form of leadership. Therefore, one should read the signs of time and come up with a prompt form of leadership which has a proper vision, collaboration, and that which is participatory, highlighting precisely servant leadership because if not; be it religious, secular, or Apostolic orders we will only end up being good managers and not good leaders. Thus, the very purpose of Servant leadership is defeated, and the church cannot be a universal Church responding to the invitation of Jesus.

Day2 Rev.Fr.Joy Pulikal SDB and Fr. Shyam Prasad, fdcc (Emerging profile Of religious leaders in India)
Our biological temperament is actually like a seal by nature. Which is nothing but our character which could be positive or negative, are we not compelled to use it sensibly? This sensible use is nothing but prudence. Prudence is not being careful or cautious rather it is the ability to make the right decisions. To make the right resolution one needs courage and that Courage is nothing but fortitude. This means to make the right decisions and continue in it. However, it does not end there self-control that is the ability to take the right decision, according to the sentiments of Jesus Christ. Thus the call for reaching the highest potency, being magnanimous people has been fulfilled. Thus, whatever we undertake we do it for the glory of God alone fulfilling a true spirit of humility.

Day 3 Fr. Moncy, sdb (Leadership for Community building in the Spirit of the Eucharist)
In this secession we mainly focused upon the aspect of Eucharist as an effective instrument to bring out our leadership qualities and community building. Nonetheless, it is necessary for us to understand the Eucharist well. Therefore, the resource person stressed upon the explaining the very parts of the Eucharist itself beginning with the two main division of the Eucharist namely: liturgy of the word and liturgy of the Eucharist. The Liturgy of the word. While stressing upon its division, at various level he highlighted that there are lots of creative structures in which the Eucharist in itself can be celebrated without crossing the line of non-liturgical. There are indeed various options for us to use to break the monotony and make the liturgical celebration interesting and dynamic.

Day 4 Fr. Rayappan (Ethics and moral issues in Religious life- Practical guidance from the canonical point of view)
The resources person that every consecrated person should make it a point to see that their vocation to consecrated life is not taken for granted it should be protected from things that are harmful with great zeal and conviction. The need to see the will of God in the superior’s decision. The POSCO Act was also stressed upon after giving sufficient upon the consecrated life and evangelical councils Poverty Chastity and Obedience in the light of the cannon law no 598, 599,600,601 and 602.He also insisted that each one of us make our own profile on the basis of being the goodness and becoming the good news. His wide knowledge enabled us to become emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially balanced to become the image of Christ and to respect the image of Christ in others.

Day 5 Ms. Mercy Kappen Mr.David & Mrs Sagaya Shanthi (Women empowerment and gender justice in church and society.
The resources person dwelt upon the Ecumenical and Spiritual Formation in Gender Justice to intercept the culture of Gender based violence and build inclusive Just communities. The stress was laid upon fulfilling the following objectives, nurture the praxis which is spiritually oriented and end the violence which is highly gender related. Awareness to enhance the necessary skill to cull out the root cause of the social evil gender inequality, dynamics which instigate gender based violence etc. The necessity is laid on the humanity to visualize a new prophetic mission to advocate service, develop a mission in itself to sow the seeds of evangelized and strengthened community which is harmony protecting the rights of children, girls and women. The resources person also brought to lime light the UN goals, the phases of methodology, policies and execution of these goals eventually.

Day 6 Fr. Toni Tampi (Self Confidence in Midlife transition Psycho-Spiritual maturity of a religious leader at midlife transition.
The Resources person spoke upon what is midlife transition al about by highlighting the fact stating: It is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle ages individuals between 45- 64 this phenomena is actually psychological crisis due to the events that highlighted in an individual's life. Though, an individual undergoes painful experiences yet every experience adds up to the growth of the individual by itself. Therefore, no experience is a bad experience, and every experience is oriented in making an individual sturdy day by day. To be an effective leader in this scenario, the grappling around with oneself emotionally will do no good, rather it has to be used constructively towards our advantage by synthesizing our every experience with utmost optimism and generous care, leading the others from the front without any hindrance and self-complacency.

Day7.Fr.Jerry (Mission-Leadership in the present Indian Scenario)
Given the stance for us to be effective and efficient leaders there is a necessity for us to take into consideration the Creation as the beginning.
It is created in the figure of God and everything is His own extension; unfortunately it is disfigured because of corruption, wrong ideologies, and we as religious being carried away with it, even we are leaning towards the commercialized worldly values. Therefore, the necessity binds every catholic irrespective of being consecrated or not, to work towards the aspect of refiguring the creation by reaching to the least of all, putting in our efforts and contribute to its transfiguration as Jesus teaches us in the gospel increase in 30 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold and bring about transformation and transfiguration. The practical way of getting to this zenith point of transfiguration can be done by use of imagination, initiative and courage by grappling the aspect of three B's namely blue print (have a concrete vision) breaking the ground (break the odds by saying no to the values that are against the kingdom values) Building (promote promptly the ministry which has evolved through proper imagination, initiative and courage and being able to say Yes at the right time by truly being enterprising through proper discernment and conviction) He made us go deep into ourselves and examine our consciousness which prompted us to forgive and become the living Gospel of Jesus. He showed us the way, how to be in solidarity with the least and the poorest. He also imparted the knowledge of various types of leaders present in India scenario, by giving the example of many leaders nationally internationally, which helped us to imbibe their virtues in our life. He also made us aware of our greater responsibility to same the environment and to build up new earth.

Day 8. Rev.Fr.Sagaya John(Leadership-to lead and accompany)
He highlighted the importance of accompaniment. He also beautifully explained with the example of Moses from old testament and Jesus from new testament that our consecration as a sign of hope to God’s people under our care and therefore there should be no exclusion in our accompaniment. He motivated us to be a transformed leader with the help of Biblical concept. He also insisted that our accompaniment should be friendly and official.

These eight days of our stay at NBCLC was comfortable, enlightened and enriched with meaningful prayer and liturgy. The food was delicious and nourishing. The different topics with different resource persons were praiseworthy. The care, concern and hospitality of the staff and helpers in the kitchen and outside. The contribution of NBCLC will be in our hearts to the world around us. We assure that you are in our prayers and we will try to make a difference in and around us.