Bible Correspondence Course (BCC)

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The Bible Correspondence Course is being conducted by the National Biblical Catechetical & Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), Bangalore, of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI). With nearly 10,000 participants having enrolled in the course so far, this study course is open to all.

Through proper interpretation and explanation, this course offers contemporary insights into the Bible and facilitates its importance and significance for our life today. The fruits of this modern Biblical study are made available in a simple language to families, religious and priests in India.

Study the Bible
Each participant can study the Bible in their own convenience in a phased manner by a 'do-it-by-yourself' method.

Share The Bible
The Whole course is designed to serve as an instrument for group reflection within the family, Basic Christian Communities (BCCs), Religious Community, Bible study and Prayer groups.

Priests lay persons and religious who are interested in and capable of a systematic study of the Bible having sufficient knowledge of English can join the course

Course Content
Each candidate will receive 15 booklets of 40/50 pages each, of printed notes in English prepared by expert Catholic scholars of our country. The content of lessons is on the four Gospels

On-Going Communication & Assesment
To facilitate better understanding and communication, each lesson contains a questionnaire to be filled in and returned to the secretariat; it will be assessed and sent back to the participants. All are expected to send in the Student Response Sheet regularly

Diploma / Certificate

A “Diploma in New Testament Studies ” will be awarded by NBCLC to those who successfully complete (Mark, Luke, Matthew & John).

Fees: One time Course fee is Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only).

Candidate may send registration fees by M.O/D.D in favour of “The Director, NBCLC”.

For all correspondence and application forms write to:

The Director, BCC Secretariat,
Post Bag #8426, Hutchins Road,
2nd Cross, Bangalore-560084
India, Phone: 080-25472369
Mobile: +91 9482402369

The Director of the course is Rev.Dr. A. John Baptist, who holds a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome and Doctorate in Biblical Theology from Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras. He is the Director of National Biblical Catechetical & Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.

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