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NBCLC (National Biblical, Catechetical & Liturgical Centre) organised in view of Ash Wednesday on 2nd March 2022, a day of fasting and prayer, under the title “Beginning the season of Lent at NBCLC”.

Rev. Fr. Adrian, Rector of Bhakti Bhavan, belonging to Archdiocese of Bengaluru, was the Spiritual Animator. Rev. Dr. A. John Baptist, Director of NBCLC and Fr. Arul Raj Sampath, Assistant Director, were present. The animator spoke on these topic: “Conversion towards Communion”, The Three Temptation of Jesus, Parts of our Personal Life – Body, Soul and Spirit.

The Group was led with a prayer and message by Fr. Adrian. It was very Spirit filled message taken from the Old Testament for the present context of the world today. The number of participants was 150 along with the priests. There was adoration service followed by reconciliation service. There were priests to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Fr. Adrian led the Stations of the Cross, which was followed by Eucharistic Celebration. The Seminarians from Bhakti Bhavan took care of the choir. The program came to an end with tea at 03.15 pm.