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Six days of Retreat on the Socia-Pastoral was conducted at NBCLC, Bengaluru from October 17-10-2022 to 22-10-2022. There were 42 participants from six congregations - 41 Sisters and one Religious Brother. In this Retreat six themes were focused and contemplated. 1: SOCIO - PASTORAL VISION – MISSION, where Father Jerry Rosario SJ shared some essential points which helped participants to open up themselves internally and make this Retreat a special one and he also shared 3 types of religious; Simple, Settled and Scandalous. 2: WE ARE SINNERS, in this theme Fr. Jerry began saying that we are all sinners as humans and Sin is Missing the MARK of our life. He continued with Special and Sacred types of religious life and asked the participants to rate our personal life based on these 5 types and invited not to miss our Goal/ Purpose / Mark of our life. 3: JESUS, in this theme Fr. Jerry introduced saying: Who do People say I am? He shared on the 5 means of answering this question: Discovering Jesus of Nazareth for me, who do people say I am? Who does Jesus say I am? We are Human & Divine and Maturity under Physical, Psychological, Sociological, Cosmological and Biblical basis. 4: JESUS EMPTIED AND HUMBLED, in this theme Fr. Jerry began saying, that Jesus grew in Wisdom (Obedience) - we obey to conscience, truth, Superiors and God and Grace (Poverty) - Needs, Comforts and Luxury. He continued saying on Mission of Jesus - to learn to love our enemies and the least of our brothers and sisters and to create New Humanism with equality, fraternity and justice. 5: MISSION, in this theme he spoke on Mission in Old Testament - Old Covenant, New Testament - New Covenant and New Covenant with Humans and whole Creation. And he also spoke on Discipleship: to receive the Gospel, to empty / deny oneself, to serve the least, to carry our own cross and to follow Jesus. 6: SYNTHESIS/ RENEW, in this theme It was a synthesis on personal and Missiological basis. We had final celebration of Holy Eucharist at 11.30am and concluding ceremony with My Covenant with my God of Jesus.