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Bengaluru: A six days seminar on Evangelization through Creative Arts was conducted at National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), Bengaluru from October 10-15, 2022 and actually paved the new ways of Evangelization in this modern world through creative arts. Rev. Dr. Irudaya Raj CMF facilitated the seminar and was mainly focused on using Creative Art forms in our mission of Evangelization. There were inputs on Creative drawing, Music, Action songs, Classical dance, Folk dance, Dance drama, Mime, Mimicry and Navarasa. Participants were taught and trained in creative arts and at the end of 1-week training participants could perform a spectacular program on 14th October, 2022. During the program, certificates were awarded to the participants by the chief guest Rev. Dr. P. Ambrose Pitchaimuttu, National Director, Pontifical Mission Organization (PMO). There were 24 participants from different congregations consists of 6 priests, 14 sisters and 3 lay people.

There were both theoretical and practical sessions on creative arts. The participants themselves choreographed Action songs, Classical and Folk dance, Mono act, Mimicry and Mime. Irrespective of age, physical and mental limitations, members could participate in all the activities wholeheartedly without any bias. Under the able guidance of Dr. Irudayaraj CMF, they could inculcate their faith and interpret Bible more creatively and more meaningfully. The serene and conducive atmosphere with proper facilities in NBCLC gave them more freedom to involve with the creative process.

Andrew Joseph SFX, one of the participants said “In this world of technology and media, there are still some rooms for the proclamation of the Word of God in a creative manner. Through this seminar, we are able to acknowledge, appreciate and appropriate the importance of creative arts in the evangelization” Jessy Miranda SAL commented that “It’s a golden opportunity for each of us to partake in this seminar to be more creative in spreading Gospel values to the present world. It enhanced me to be more vibrant and zealous to live for Christ and to spread His kingdom values”.

Mr. Soundra Pandian said “this course helped a lot to motivate oneself to find the inheritance of Indian culture and spirituality which gives new meaning to our existence as a created being”. Ms. Sahaya Sonia opinioned that “This course helped me to be close to God and to proclaim Him to the people through the talents given by Him”.

In today’s world it is the need of the hour to interpret and understand the Gospel in the context and to evangelize through creative ways. It was indeed a great privilege for the participants to experience spiritual journey through this seminar. The Seminar was jointly organized by Rev. Dr. John Baptist, Director of the NBCCL and Rev. Dr. Irudaya Raj, CMF and also Rev Dr. P. Ambrose Pitchaimuttu, National Director, Pontifical Mission Organization (PMO).

Fr John Baptist Director - NBCLC