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Two Roads diverged in the wood
I chose the one less travelled
And that made all the difference
-Robert Frost

Despite the Pandemic ..... isolation .....disrupted schedules ..... and forced adaptation of new Protocols, a group of priests, nuns, brother and a lay missionary totally 20 of them chose the road less travelled to venture out into Mission Retreat-2021, at NBCLC, led by a vibrant and passionate preacher Fr. Jerry Rosario, S.J. It began on 3rd October 2021 and concluded on 9th October 2021.

The participants pointed out that the sessions were lively, thought provoking and challenging. A lot of life examples were cited to substantiate the points the retreat preacher made. They were simple and practical.

A gracious welcome by the Director Fr. A. John Baptist and Staff of NBCLC enabled the participants to set themselves to be spirited to review and to renew their lives. With Mission as the focal point.

The retreatants in the evaluation expressed the following: 1) Retreat was really challenging, inspiring, touching. 2) Inspirational and Informational, very useful. 3) Very effective retreat for my ministry and future.