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Report of the Inter-Novitiate Program January 02-04- 2023
“On challenge of religious Life and mission today”

January 02-04- 2023

Guided by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Painadath SJ & Rev. Sr. Rose Pudukadan

NBCLC had organised 3 days Inter-Novitiate program on January 02 – 04, 2023 under the title of “Challenges of religious life and mission today.” It was attended by 43 Novices (41 sisters, 2 brothers) from various congregations accurse India. Resources person Fr. Jerry Rosario SJ led the program in a very sparkling way.

The program began with short prayer service by CSST Novices followed by lighting of the Lamp. The resources person was introduced by the Director of NBCLC. It was a very good learning experience, original, innovative and very stimulating session. FR. Jerry brilliantly put forth the various challenges face by the religious in the present time. He gave many practical examples and also his life experience touched and inspired all who were gathered. The discourse was well organized and presented well. All the Novices enjoyed interacting with fellow Novices of different congregations and were motivated and influence by each other.

The entire program was well administered, formulated and coordinate without any confusion and discomfort. The food was hygienic, delicious and timely provided. There was regular drinking water facility both hot and cold, sanitation was well maintained. Good numbers of restroom for the sisters were allocated. We are very grateful to the NBCLC team for organizing this event. Thank you.