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CENTRE DAY 06 February 2022

The Centre’s Day was a joyous day at NBCLC, as the Director Fr. A. John Baptist, the staff of NBCLC and their families joined together to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his blessings on us and our Centre. It was a happy occasion to meet once again with family members at our centre. It is the Fifty fifth year celebration

Fr. Arul Raj Sampath made every staff to decorate the whole campus with Rangoli and Plantation leaves at the entrance of the campus. Few light setting were made near the grotto and the entrance.

Sr. Almeda had taken the in charge of arranging the chapel for the Eucharist and the choir. It was very well done.

As the staff & their family members around 50 all gathered at 10.30 am at the tea park and had tea and biscuits and the staff of NBCLC moved to the Samarpan Chapel. The Family members, and children moved to the Sagariga Hall with Director and Assistant Director.

Fr. Raymond, the Executive Secretary, CCBI Commission for Vocations, Seminary, Clergy and Religious was the guest for the day. He gave a talk for the staff in a meaningful and simple way explaining about our Centre, and the Chapel of NBCLC.

He was the main celebrant for the Eucharist celebration. His Homily touched each and every one of us. Fr. Stephen Alathar, Deputy Secretary, CCBI Centre and Fr. Yesu Executive Secretary, CCBI Commission for Bible were invited to join us for the Lunch. The staff of NBCLC prepared the meal for the day.

After the mass we have a grand meal which ended with photo session with families and then everyone left the campus to their homes.