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Training Program on "Building Better Families"

6-9 March 2023

A comprehensive training program on "Building Better Families" was organized by the National Biblical, Catechetical & Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), Bangalore. The program, aimed at priests and religious involved in family ministries, commenced on March 6th with a prayer service led by Sr. Nisha. Fifteen participants from various congregations were in attendance: Holy Cross (5), Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI) (5), Missionary Sisters of Immaculate (MSI) (1), Brothers of the Sacred Heart (BSH) (1), Sisters of Christian Charity (SCC) (2), Society of Jesus (SJ) (4), and one laywoman. In his welcome address, Fr. John Baptist, the Director of NBCLC, emphasized the significance of family ministry in our current context.

Fr. Arul Raj CSC, the Executive Secretary of CCBI Commission for Family, served as the resource person for the training program. His expertise and knowledge were instrumental in addressing various pertinent topics. The sessions covered a wide range of subjects, including "Christian Marriage and Family," "Challenges Faced in Family Life Today," "Family of Origin and Its Influence on Family Life," "Conflict Resolution and Love Languages of Couples," "Christian Parenting, and the Spirituality of Family." The participants found these topics highly relevant and were greatly enriched by the insights shared by the resource person. In addition to the instructional sessions, the participants had the opportunity to interact with individuals engaged in diverse family ministries within the Archdiocese of Bangalore, as well as representatives from various Christian movements. These interactions provided valuable insights and exposed the participants to success stories from different ministries, leaving a lasting impression on them.

On the final day of the seminar, March 9th, the participants were encouraged to share their insights and develop action plans tailored to their respective ministries based on the seminar experience. During the plenary session, the participants showcased their creativity by presenting innovative action plans and sharing their newfound understanding. Overall, the participants expressed their gratitude for the enriching learning experience provided by the seminar. They acknowledged that the insights gained would not only assist them in their ministry of reaching out to families but also fostered self-awareness, enabling them to better resolve conflicts within their respective ministries. The participants commended the resource person for his valuable contributions and expressed their appreciation to the organizing team for their meticulous planning of sessions, organization of activities, and facilitation of interactions with relevant individuals. As the seminar concluded, the participants left with renewed hope and a fervent desire to bring about positive transformation in their ministries.