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2 Week Junior Course

A two-week long renewal programme for the benefit of Junior Sisters was conducted at NBCLC from 1st to 13th May, 2022. There were 79 participants, from several religious congregations. In the inaugural session certain details pertaining to the Centre as well as about the renewal programme and the resource persons were spelt out. In all we had twelve resource persons sharing their vast knowledge and unique experiences on a wide variety of topics so that we are all well informed and guided on every aspect of religious life, in order that we may lead it joyfully, meaningfully and fruitfully. The group activities further enhanced our participation and promoted and augmented our closeness. Apart from that, each day a group was assigned the task of leading the prayer service. Throughout the seminar it was ingrained in us the need to remain grateful to the call we received, in order to experience the abundance of God's abiding grace and His awesome love for each of us. The Eucharistic celebrations, the homilies, the group prayers, the moments of silence and the idyllic surroundings assisted us in cultivating an intimate and intense relationship with the Lord. . Though we were all Junior sisters from different Congregations, we bonded well and gained newer and enriching insights from each other.

The renewal programme for the Junior Sisters came to an end on a high note of happiness and satisfaction on May 13, 2022 with a thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration and a valedictory lunch.