Walking with the Word

The seminar 'Walking with the Word' commenced on the 29th August with the enthronement of the Bible.

Fr. Mario Mendes initiated the programme, with an overview of the study of the Bible. Fifty seven participants,10 from Pakistan (6 Sisters, 3 lay women & a priest) two priests from Ceylon, a lay woman from Philippines, a sister from Mauritius, a priest from Cambodia and a sister from Cameroon, besides Indian priests, sisters, brothers and lay persons attended the course.

During the following 4 Weeks, the background and exegesis of each of the books of both the Old Testament and the New Testament were explained by expert scripture scholars. On the last day of the programme, Fr. Sagaya John the Director discussed the pastoral applications of the Biblical studies. The participants then drew up a plan of action as a ollow up of the 4 Weeks of' Walking of the Word'.

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