Tamil Seminar

Report of the 427th Lay Leader’s Tamil Seminar (Deepening and Widening was organized from 09th May to 15th May 2019. This seminar was aimed to deepen the God experience, faith formation and involvement in the social, political and local in which they lived.

The topics dealt were the Christian Vision, the role of the Laity, Christian Faith and Sacraments, inculturation, Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Lay leadership in the society and in the Church.

During these seven days the participants were trained to focus first and foremost on their faith formation in the light of the Gospel values. They were also trained to express their views and speak effectively, eloquently. With the help of the video clips they were motivated to become aware of the social evils and be able to raise their voice against injustice. In order to inculcate social consciousness in the minds of the participants the present social and political situation of the civil society in general India and particular in Tamilnadu was well expressed and analyzed

As the outcome of this seminar, the participants have expressed that they are spiritually fully charged with the power of the Risen Lord to fight for the cause of justice. They also felt that it was necessary to work in collaboration with the leaders of the other religious to bring peace and harmony, unity and justice. The participants have drawn a time bound action plan, which they wish to implement as in their local parish.

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