Sui Iuris Day

1st May 2017, was the third day and final day of the pre jubilee programme. It ws the day to reflect on the harmony and inter- relationship of the three Sui Iuris Churches. The keynote address, "A prophetic Church- need of the hour" was delivered by Fr. Jose Mariadas. He elaborated on the clarion call to the church to develop the prophetic dimension of its mission. Fr. Roy Lazar, in his paper "The church in India striving for peace and harmony - Ad Intra and Ad Extra" highlighted, the importance of the church's role as an instrument of harmony and peace.

In the second paper of the day, Fr. Paulachan CMI turned the spot light on the identity of the Church and raised the question "the Identity of the Church structural or Charismatic?

The group sharing and interaction was moderated by Fr. Clement Campos CssR

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