Socio-Pastoral Retreat

"Mercy - Mission Today" was the theme of a six day Socio-Pastoral retreat by Fr. Jerry Rosario. The retreat was conducted from the 2nd to the 7thof October. 22 priests and 38 sisters from 18 different congregations participated in the retreat. Fr. Jerry introduced the retreat with four 'R's. Rest, Re-Treat, Re visit one's journey of life, reflect our challenges of God'in-me, Radicalize one's life and ministry for Mercy Mission.

Through a vibrant and an inter-active process, father made the participants aware of the challenging Socio-political and economic situation in our Country.

He referred to Pope Francis' invitation to move out of one's comfort zones and be with the people on the periphery in their struggles and difficulties.

The liturgical celebrations and the Satsangs of each day were moments of deep introspection on one's commitment to the Mercy-Mission of Jesus.

Expressions of Appreciation and Gratitude

1. This retreat has changed my whole life and attitudes. I need to keep up the fire of the retreat.

2. A new consciousness was generated in me. My spirit stirred within. I am grateful to you father.

3. Every sentence was touching. Sharing at Sat-sang and the Holy Eucharist were inspiring. Your vast knowledge and simple life-style were awesome and amazing. Congrats and thanks.

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