Seminar for Religious Superiors (Batch 1 & Batch II)

We are privileged religious indeed to attend the superior’s course from 28.07.2018 to 04.08.2018 at N.B.C.L.C coming from different parts of India and from different congregations. About 92 religious sisters gathered as a big family and enjoyed togetherness in this campus. Rev. Fr. Sagaya John the director who gave us a warm welcome along with other Father brothers and sisters. We had a second batch also of 58 religious sisters gathered as one community and enjoyed our presence and make flying colours in this campus.

Resources persons Rev. Fr. Alphones Explained to us about the leadership in view of Vatican II and post Vatican, also the recent Document of pope Francs and also counter cultural leadership. Next day Rev. Fr. Gilbert SDB explained about the service of authority and obedience. Assets and defects of Religious life also qualities of a superior like inspiring model and Emmaus model etc.

He explained about Religious leadership in model of Pope Francis “Live among the poor, poverty is solidarity, not just in service being with the people, LK: 7, 36, and 19:7-10; Rev. Fr. Moncy SBD said “united with the Lord in the Eucharist, he explained very well about the holy Eucharist, and general instructions on Liturgy and the Word of God. Rev. Fr. Anthony Samy highlighted the value of consecrated life from canonical view of understanding, witnessing life and Evangelical counsels.

Rev. Fr. Jerry Rosario S. J. Stressed more on Jesus mission as a leader, mission leadership and context, Baptism of water, Baptism of spirit and the other context LK:1:9-13; Mt 25:31:46; In Loda dei si” Pope Francis “Think cosmically, Act Locally, and Live the kingdom values.i.e. Truth and Justice like Jesus.

Miss Mercy kappan : Enlightened us about the Empowerment of men and women within the church, 2. Education 3. Social work 4. Health care ministry 5. Family and she explained well about the role and duties of women in the family, in the society and in the church. It was a very useful course to all the religious to grow spiritually day by day and serve the Lord in gladness to grow in holiness. The entire programme was to develop Gospel Leadership among the consecrated persons. 

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