Sachidananda Chapel

"Redemptories Missio" No. 52 states "Evangelization and inculturation are intimately related to each other, and through inculturation the Church offers herself to be a more effective instrument of the mission of the church."

In response to the teachings of the Church, one of the main thrust of NBCLC has been inculturation. The whole campus of the center is a witness to this thrust. The converging point of the whole campus is the Sachidananda Chapel

Sachidananda, Sat-Chit-Anada refer to the blissful awareness reality. The temple is a visible sign of the all-pervading presence of God in the whole universe. It is a place to meet God and experience him, at the depth of one's being.

On the top of the temple is a Gopuram, a tower with seven layers. It represents a cosmic mountain or a cosmic tree. The seven layers indicate the convergence of descending heavenly and ascending earthly energies. These are symbols of God's descent to man and man's ascent to God, God - man encounter, communion between God and man.

Above the Gopuram is a Kalasam the "Sacred Vessel". The lower cup (Lotus) signifies the earth and the upper cup, the heaven. The vessel contains the nectar of immorality. We know that in Jesus Christ, heaven and earth, divine and human, God and man have truly met. In Jesus, we have the everlasting life and the gift of immorality. In the Eucharist he has visibly made himself the drink and food of immorality. "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life."(Jn 6.56)

Around the temple 12 trees, representing the twelve months of the year are planted. They will be bearing fruits every month. This refers to a life of fulfillment and felicity in heaven forever and ever.

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