Indian Contemplative Retreat

A quest for a deeper experience of God, drew 28 sisters, 2 priests and 2 lay men to join the Indian Contemplative Retreat at NBCLC from the 20th to 27th November. From the very first session of the retreat, Fr. Sebastian Painadath Sj, led the participants, through various stages of one's spiritual growth, and to experience Christ consciousness. Besides the sessions in the class, Fr Sebastian conducted six meditations every day, helping the participants, to delve into the deeper recesses of their being.

Sr. Rose took over the direction of the retreat on the last four days. She explained the beauty and richness of the ancient Christian method of meditation, the Jesus prayer. The participants experienced the power of Jesus prayer as Sr. Rose directed the meditation hours with the chanting of the name of Jesus.

Each evening during the Eucharist, the participants, gathered the fruits of the graces that they had received throughout the day and offered them to the Lord. Each day of the retreat ended with Aarati.

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