Prayer Methods

We are privileged as religious indeed to attend the seminar on various prayer methods from 17.07.2018 to 22.07.2018 at N.B.C.L.C from different parts of India. Rev. Fr. Peter swamy, the assistant director, gave us a cordial welcome to all. “He who sings, prays twice”, said St. Augustine. David dances and prayed. Jesus on the way to Gethsemane sang psalms together with his disciples and prayed. The only way we can think of to pray always is to make all my daily activities a kind of prayer – in – action. The prayer methods have taught us that St. Paul was right when he said, “pray without ceasing” Can we think of praying always and all ways?

It was with these objectives Fr. Gilbert choondal SDB initiated at NBCLC this T20PM (TRAINING IN 20 PRAYER METHODS). He taught the formators the art of praying so that they could teach their formees. God is always with us. Are we with God always and all ways? They believed that this P20 helped them very much. They have their own personal Jesus prayer formula, personal sacred word for centering prayer, personal sacred time and a specific sacred space to pray. Rev. Fr. Gilbert gave ten tips for effective prayer service. Pray before you pray. Time and space spiritual initiation use acts method for simple prayer mode and so on. He explained in details Jesus prayer and methods in innovative ways to experience his presences in our life. All the participates were very happy and thanked God for enriching with different methods of prayer; which will be really useful in their ministry.

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