Socio - Pastoral Retreat (24th Sep - 29th Sep 2018)

The first day Fr. Jerry Rosario S.J reminded us to say to ourselves this is my "Special Retreat: Because we need it. Retreat changes us not God. So as we make a difference in our lives. We did ask God to disturb us! We did self analysis and put ourselves in categorizes comfort zone, compromise Zone, clean and clear conscience. We also went through social analysis, pastoral analysis and ecclesial analysis. In all (post modernism) our essential question was how did I participate or am I part of the problem or the solutions in all we have seen?

If so them we need – conversion "Repent be converted. To move form wrong to right, bad to Good (Mk1:14) (Maximum Conversion) to the best. We came to know also at times we missed our MARK by doing or b not doing (Commission or Omission). Conversion is a process of becoming above Human sensitive to what is going on in Me, Others, World

Jesus also reminded us we are salt, light of the world. Do I still have that value of a Salt – or Have I expired? We no longer cure or heal the sickness or are part of the solution to our problem? God is so compassionate. He manifested it in Jesus who felt the pain for our Gain! Let us ask ourselves have I been feeling the pain of the least of our brothers/ sisters? Let ask God’s Mercy

Today we saw man values, Christian value, consecrated life values, nation values. Do I live according to my values? So as to gain gospel vision? This retreat inspired and energized the participants as ministers and missionaries of the world. At the end of retreat participants donate their blood for the symbol of sacrifice, life giving praxis and so on. By doing, saying acting this is 30%, 60%, 100% commission & omission.

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