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Mission Retreat from 5th Oct to 10th Oct 2019
We have started our Mission retreat at N.B.C.L.C. Bangalore from 5th Oct to 10th Oct 2019. About 3 priests and 38 sisters from 2 different congregations participated in the retreat. We were warmly welcomed by...
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Research seminar on Biblical Interpretation in India was the fruit of the coming together of four institutions, CCBI Commission for Bible, NBCLC, CBAI nd TPI, involved in the task of Biblical interpretation in India...
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On 2nd September, 58 participants from different parts of the country arrived in NBCLC. After two weeks we were happy to welcome three more sisters from Uganda. Among them were 31 Junior Sisters preparing for their Final Commitment/Profession,...
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Retreat-Cum Seminar on Eco-Spirituality (09th -14th, August 2019)
The programme was guided by Fr. Rappai Poothokaren SJ. He led the participants to open their hearts and minds to the nature enlightened and inspired through various prayer methods. There were 44 participants, including priests and sisters and lay people...
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Counselling Skills
We have started our counselling course for Religions at N.B.C.L.C. Bangalore from 22.07.2019 to 29.07.2019. About 31 women religious and 5 priests came from various places and different congregations. Our resources person were Sr. Juliana pinto and Sr.Janitha. They were very enthusiastic... {Read More}
Seminar for Religious Superiors & Formators (Batch 1 & Batch II)
On 13th July and 31st July we were warmly welcomed by our director Rev.Fr.Sagaya John and his team. It was a great joy for all of us to attend the course on leadership for formators and animators. About 84 sisters 7 priests from different...
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21st Colloquium Of Bishops & Theologians In India
The 21st Colloquium of the Bishops and Theologians in India held at the NBCLC, Bangalore, from July 4-5, 2019, focused on the theme: "The Gift of Priestly Vocation: Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis" (hereafter, GOPV). This theme is the title of the General Executory Decree of Vatica's... {Read More}
Seminar for Vocation Promoters & Formators
We are privileged to have seminar for vocation Promoters, Formators and minor seminary rectors conducted by Fr.Raymond CCBI from 13.06.2019 to 15.06.2019 at N.B.C.L.C. About 58 priests, 1 brother, and 87 religious sisters from different congregations coming from different parts of India, gathered as a big family,.... {Read More}
Seminar for Animators & Chaplains Training Programme
There were 67 participants, including the resource persons. Fr. Chetan was the programme organizer along with other animators. They had different input sessions, group discussions, few outreach programslike visiting schools and parishes. This seminar was aimed to deepen God experienceand faith formation in the hearts of the youth,.... {Read More}
Tamil Seminar
Report of the 427th Lay Leader's Tamil Seminar (Deepening and Widening was organized from 09th May to 15th May 2019. This seminar was aimed to deepen the God experience, faith formation and involvement in the social, political and local in which they lived. The topics dealt were the Christian Vision,... {Read More}
Kanada Report
Together we build the transformed church under this motto NBCLC organized a laity foundation secular in Kanata along with the collaboration Karnataka regional laity commission. Seminar was inaugurated in the presence of Fr. Sagaya John NBCLC director, Fr. Selvakumar Karnataka laity commission... {Read More}
CATECHIZING - A Ministry & A Vocation
This year, the course CATECHIZING - a Ministry and a Vocation was conducted from 17-24 May, 2019. A total of 32 participants attended the course. The participants included religious sisters belonging to various congregations, Lay persons, a Priest, a diocesan seminarian and canossian brothers... {Read More}
We came for the course with wrong ideas and negative understanding of the term Mid-life: "New Time to Embrace Changes" (April 04 to - April 08) Modes of life up to now: Re-search & Reappraise Way of rising in future. Revise & Restructure. However the course not only cleared our wrong conception of the term but also enlightened us to... {Read More}
Malayam Seminar
A leadership programme for the laity was conducted in Malayalam from the 31st March to the 6th of April. There were 45 participants. Lay Leaders you are commanded by the Divine Joyously take the lead in the Church's Mission. The programme began with a general introduction to the Bible and presentation of some biblical models... {Read More}
Thanks to Fr. Sagaya John, the Director of NBCLC who helped us to organize this seminar on "Mary, a Consecrated Luminous Woman." The theme was exposed dividing it for three days. First day it was "Called to Consecrate, second day, Interior Values according to the Fathers of the Church and woman of Grace. Third day,... {Read More}
Center Day 2019
The 6th February 2019 was a memorable day at NBCLC, as the Director, the present and former staff of NBCLC and their families joined together to thank the Lord for his blessing on NBCLC during the past 53 years. It was a happy occasion to meet once again old friends and recall the vibrant activities of the centre... {Read More}
Tamil Seminar
Training of Lay Leaders in the Church has been an important aspect of the mission of NBCLC from its very inception. Training Programmes for Lay Leadership are conducted in various vernacular languages. The National Seminar for Lay Leaders in Tamil was conducted from 10th to 16th of January... {Read More}
Pongal Celebration
On the 14th Pongal was celebrated with a meaningful and Joyful Liturgy. Participants expressed their gratitude to the Lord for the new harvest through dance and Music. All enjoyed a Community Pongal traditional meal. This Pongal celebration inspired them to celebrate the liturgy in a meaningful way... {Read More}
Indian contemplative Retreat Nov 18-25
The theme for our retreat was Realise, who you are : YOU ARE DIVINE! An Indian Contemplative Retreat on the Divinization of the Human and an Invitation to Jesus' Prayer. We were 23 of us - consisting of Religious Sisters, Priests and 8 lay persons (including 3 foreigners from Germanny and Spain)... {Read More}
Lay leadership seminar for Marathi speaking faithful
A lay leadership seminar for the Marathi speaking faithful was held at NBCLC between 5th to 13th Nov, 2018 61 participates from various parts of Maharashtra participated in this seminar. The seminar was headed by Fr. Robert De Souza, the secretary for regional Liturgical commission for Marathi (Western Regional bishop's conference)... {Read More}
Laity Leadership Training Seminar in Kannada (October 12 to 16)
For five days the training program was organized. From the Karnataka 36 participated in leadership training seminar. We were blessed by his Grace Most Peter Machado Archbishop of Bangalore, who presided over the Holy Mass and gave the thirst for the seminar by asking.. {Read More}
Socio - Pastoral Retreat (24th Sep - 29th Sep 2018)
The first day Fr. Jerry Rosario S.J reminded us to say to ourselves this is my "Special Retreat: Because we need it. Retreat changes us not God. So as we make a difference in our lives. We did ask God to disturb us! We did self analysis and put ourselves in categorizes comfort zone, compromise Zone,... {Read More}
Two Week Course for Young Religious
They were here for a two week seminar on "The New Vision of Consecrated life". The programme covered a wide range of topics, such as Challenges of Religious Life, Women Empowerment and Gender Justice, Psycho- Spirituality, Formation of Conscience and moral issues in religious.. {Read More}
Four Weeks Intensive Course on Bible
As the sun set in a lush-green corner of Bengaluru on 26th August, 38 participants from different parts of the country arrived in NBCLC. Among them were 20 Junior Sisters preparing for their Final Commitment, two Brothers are preparing for ordination, three lay people who seek to.. {Read More}
Catechizing - a Ministry and a Vocation
This seminar creates an interest in catechetical ministry the participants will be equipped with catechetical skills, action songs and various prayer methods. The participants were very happy and interested in all the activities with full interest and equipped with their basic.. {Read More}
The XX Colloquium of the Bishops and Theologians in India held at the NBCLC, Bangalore, from July 5-6, 2018, focused on the theme: "Placuit Deo & Role of Youth in the Ministry of the Church". This overarching theme - embracing two subthemes - was chosen to discuss on the document.. {Read More}
Community Gathering
It was on 18th June, 2018, the Arch Bishop of Bangalore, Most. Rev Dr. Peter Machado visited NBCLC and celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the staff and the co-workers. It was an unforgettable day because of his deep theological and spiritual reflection on the Word of God, impressed everyone... {Read More}
Counseling Skills
We have started our counseling course for Religions at N.B.CLC. Bangalore from 6.08.2018 to 13.08.2018. About 50 women religious and 4 priests came from various places and different congregations. Our resources person was Sr. Juliana pinto. She was very enthusiastic and interesting to impart the skills of counseling... {Read More}
Lay Leaders
432nd National Seminar in Tamil for the Laity, "TRAINING IN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP FOR HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE CHURCH AND SOCIETY" was held at NBCLC in 2018, May 11 to 17. 27 participants both men and women from 9 dioceses participated whole heartedly. In his inaugural address,... {Read More}
Prayer Methods
We are privileged as religious indeed to attend the seminar on various prayer methods from 17.07.2018 to 22.07.2018 at N.B.C.L.C from different parts of India. Rev. Fr. Peter swamy, the assistant director, gave us a cordial welcome to all. "He who sings, prays twice", said St. Augustine. David dances and prayed... {Read More}
Seminar for Religious Superiors (Batch 1 & Batch II)
We are privileged religious indeed to attend the superior's course from 28.07.2018 to 04.08.2018 at N.B.C.L.C coming from different parts of India and from different congregations. About 92 religious sisters gathered as a big family and enjoyed togetherness in this campus... {Read More}
Seminar on "Educating to Fraternal Humanism"
In collaboration with the Karnataka Regional Commission for Education. NBCLC organised a seminar on March 15 for a deeper study on the Document "Educating to Fraternal Humanism Building a civilization of Love". Most Rev. Bernard Moras the Archbishop of Bangalore {Read More}
Seminar on Mid life Transition
Midlife is a period in one's life, when one can either experience a deeper commitment and greater joy in service or experience frustration, doubts and anxieties. In order to assist, religions, to lead a more fruitful and meaningful life,
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Centre's Day
The centre's day was celebrated with great joy, by all the staff members. It was a special celebration, since the Chairman Most Rev. Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Poona joined the Director and the staff to recall with gratitude the graces poured on NBCLC by the Lord. The Chairman, thanked the staff for their dedication {Read More}
Ash Wednesday
To recall and celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, NBCLC organised the Ecumenical Day on the 20th of January. Members from 13 different denominations participated in the programme.
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Marian Seminar
The Marian Seminar was organised from 13th to 15th of February. 01 priest; 18 sisters and 2 Laity participated in the programme. The seminar focussed on Mary's mission. The mission of Mary is based on her oneness with Jesus.
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Training In Catechesis In North India
NBCLC as a National Centre has been organising programmes outside Bangalore, especially in North India.A training seminar in catechesis was held at Suvarta Kendra Pachmari, Madhya Pradesh from 11th to 13th of February.
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Ecumenical Day
To recall and celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, NBCLC organised the Ecumenical Day on the 20th of January. Members from 13 different denominations participated in the programme.
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Lay Leadership Programme in Tamil
The new year at NBCLC commenced with the 'Advanced Training Programme' for Lay Leadership in Tamil. From 10th to 16 of January 14 Laymen and 04 Lay women participated in the programme with great enthusiasm.
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Inter - Novitiate Meet.
From 8th to 10th of January. NBCLC organised the Inter- Novitiate Meet for Novicies. NBCLC campus throbbed with vitality and enthusiasm as 64 young novices belonging to different congregation gathered together.
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The CRI brothers had made their Annual retreat. There were 28 brothers. Various prayers and lectures were given to the theologians in order to renew their deep spiritual life... {Read More}
Retreat for the Retreat for the Jyothi Nivas College Students (04th to 06th November)
The Catholic students of the Jyothi Nivas College had participated in the retreat. It improved the spirituality and the spirit of Jesus while running along with the z- generation... {Read More}
There were 54 participants, including the resource persons. Fr. Robert D'souza was the programme organizer along with other colleagues. The theme of the programme was to become the "Christian Leaders for His people...
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The programme was guided by Fr. Robert Athickal. He led the participants to open their hearts and minds to the nature & enlightened and inspired through various prayer methods. There were 25 participants, including priests and sisters and lay people... {Read More}
Fr. Selva Kumar and Mrs. Clara Fernandez were the main organizers of the programme for the Kannada laity leadership. The course helped the participants to acquire the Leadership skills. There were 21 participants and 4 resource persons... {Read More}
Four weeks intensive course on Bible (28TH AUG TO 23RD SEP, 2017)
The course was held at NBCLC for four weeks to meditate upon the word of God and to come closer to Him. There were 79 participants from the various parts of India...

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RELIGIOUS FORMATORS & SUPERIORS (1st Batch 21-07-2017)&(2nd Batch 09-08-2017)
This seminar was in two batches. There were altogether 146 participants, ( priest-5, brothers 03, and the sisters 138). The entire programme was to develop Gospel Leadership among the consecrated persons...
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MID-LIFE TRANSITION. (13 to 19 - 07-2017 )
The course was organized by Fr. Gabriel ofm. And there were 11 participants from the different parts of India...

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Colloquium of the CBCI Commission for Doctrine - 2017
Dynamism of the Gifts of Charism and Hierarchy in the Church was the theme of the colloquium held from 06 to 07 July 2017at the National Biblical, Catechetical & Liturgical Centre, Bangalore. It was organized by the Commission for Doctrine, under the auspices of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI)... {Read More}
423 rd Tamil Seminar on 27 th May to 2nd June 2017.
Report of the 423rd Lay Leader's Tamil Seminar ( Deepening and Widening was organised from 27th May to 02nd June 2017. In the year of Golden Jubilee of NBCLC, the 423rd lay leaders was organised for the lay leaders who had attended the basic lay leaders seminar earlier... {Read More}
Since the Second Vatican Council, there is a renewed emphasis in Catechesis. The Catechism teachers need to be trained to have a deeper knowledge of the catechesis that is to imparted to persons of different age groups. Teachers have to imbibe, innovative and creative pedagody... {Read More}
On the 3rd of May 2017, soon after the Golden Jubilee Celebration the NBCLC Campus was bubbling with the vibrant group of 110 junior's sisters from different congregation. They were here for a two week seminar on " The New Vision of Consecrated life". The programme covered a wide range of topics... {Read More}
On the 30th of May 2017, Fr Sagaya John the Director and the staff NBCLC, gathered to bid farewell to Sr. Saroj OSU, as she was to leave NBCLC, to return to her Community. Sr. Saroj has rendered, selfless and dedicated service at NBCLC for the past three and half years. Fr. Sagaya and all the member of the staff... {Read More}
Sui Iuris Day
1st May 2017, was the third day and final day of the pre jubilee programme. It ws the day to reflect on the harmony and inter- relationship of the three Sui Iuris Churches. The keynote address, "A prophetic Church- need of the hour" was delivered by Fr. Jose Mariadas. He elaborated on the clarion call to the church... {Read More}
Inter - Religious Day
On the second day of the Golden Jubilee celebration, that is on the 30th of April 2017 an Inter- religious meeting was organised. Nearly 80 members belonging to different religions groups participated in the meeting. Mr. Pushparajan delivered the Keynote address "Truth challenges and charity invites us to build a better human society"... {Read More}
Ecumenical Day
In preparation of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of NBCLC, an Ecumenical Day was organised on the 29th of April 2017. The programme commenced with the traditional lighting of the Diya. The Keynote address " Early Church as a model of Christian Unity / Life for us today" was delivered... {Read More}
The Golden Day
The Golden Day of the 50th anniversary the Foundation of NBCLC, was celebrated on the 2nd of May at 5.30 pm at the Maria Niketan School Grounds. The function began with a solemn thanksgiving mass concelebrated by nearly 100 priest including 4 cardinals 37 Archbishops and Bishops... {Read More}
Nbclc- Catechists Program In Hindi At Suvarta Kendra, Pachmarhi From 16-20 Mar 17
From its very inception, NBCLC has been emphasising the role of the laity in the Church. Lay Leadership training programmes have been conducted in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi. A persistent need was felt to organise Leadership training programmes in Hindi... {Read More}
Atma Purna Anubhava
The Atma Purna Anubhava from 06th March to 12th March 2017, was a unique experience of self - realisation and God experience for the 23 sisters and a couple. At the very beginning of the retreat Fr. Louis the director of the retreat emphasised the need of both internal and external silence, and... {Read More}
Couples Retreat
The couple's seminar at NBCLC on 4th and 5th March 2017 was in a sense our third couples retreat/religious seminar since we got married. One would wonder why a couple who have barely been married for a year would want to attend so many faith formation conferences for couples... {Read More}
Lent 2017 - A Time Of Grace
Accompanying Jesus in his journey of passion death and Resurrection was is the goal of the three weekend programmes on lent and on the Liturgy of the Holy week. The first step in this journey began with a day of reflection on Ash Wednesday. A large number of religious, formees and two... {Read More}
Meetings Of The Directors Of Sui Juris Pastoral Centres
The meeting of the Directors of Sui Iuris- Regional and Pastoral Centers, on the theme "Creative and Responsible Ministries for an Emerging Church in India", was held from the 14th to 16th February 2017. Eleven Directors of Regional / Pastoral Centers attended the meeting... {Read More}
The 5th February 2017 was a joyous day at NBCLC, as the Director, the present and former staff of NBCLC and their families joined together to thank the Lord for his blessing on NBCLC during the past 50 years. ...

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NBCLC Campus, draws many visitors interested in inculturation and in the efforts to integrate Indian Spiritual Heritage in Christian Spirituality. On the 17th January 2017 a group of Ten Germans (Two Priests, Seven Lay Women,...

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On the 23rd and 24th of January 2017, the NBCLC welcomed, a lively and vibrant group of 82 novices, to attend the inter- novitiate meeting. The meeting was animated by Fr. Jerry Rosario. He spoke to the young religious on the vital significance of...

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Dialogue In Truth And Charity
" Let Christians, while witnessing to their own faith and way of life, acknowledge, preserve and encourage the spiritual and moral truth found among non- Christians" ( Nostra aetate) 'Nostra aetate is a watershed document of VAT II',...

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Training of Lay Leaders in the Church has been an important aspect of the mission of NBCLC from its very inception. Training Programmes for Lay Leadership are conducted in various vernacular languages...

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Visit Of Chinese Theologians
A Group of four Chinese Women Theologians visited NBCLC. One of them is a Principal and another Vice Principal of Theological College in their respective provinces. The women theologians were keen to...

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Inculturation And Creativity In Liturgy
A one day seminar on Inculturation and creativity in Liturgy was organised for the deacons of St. Peter's Seminary. Fr. Moncy gave an exhaustive explanation on the rules with regard to adaptation and inculturation...

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Centanary Celeberation Of Bro. Charles.
The fraternities which follow the Spirituality of Blessed Charles De Foucauld celebrated the death centenary of Bro. Charles. The celebrations commenced with a prayer service, during which participants were invited to listen and...

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Indian Contemplative Retreat
A quest for a deeper experience of God, drew 28 sisters, 2 priests and 2 lay men to join the Indian Contemplative Retreat at NBCLC from the 20th to 27th November. From the very first session of the retreat, Fr. Sebastian Painadath Sj,...

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Training in Christian Leadership for Laity in Marathi
A leadership programme for the laity was conducted in Marathi from the 20th to the 28th of October. There were 54 participants (23 men and 31 women). During the inaugural session a book by Fr. Ceaser on Catechism was released...

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Workshop on Amoris Laetitia Network Asia
Network Asia and NBCLC organised a seminar on from 30th of October to the 1st of November. "Amoris Laetitia in the South Asian Context", the seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Klaus Vellguth, the president of Network Asia...

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Socio-Pastoral Retreat
"Mercy - Mission Today" was the theme of a six day Socio-Pastoral retreat by Fr. Jerry Rosario. The retreat was conducted from the 2nd to the 7thof October. 22 priests and 38 sisters from 18 different congregations participated in ...

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Walking with the Word
The seminar 'Walking with the Word' commenced on the 29th August with the enthronement of the Bible...

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The Chapter of Mats
The chapter of Mats of the Franciscan Fathers was held at NBCLC from the 23rd to the 27th Aug. 110 fathers and brothers from Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu attended the chapter. Representatives from, North and...
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Inauguration of the Grotto
The general body meeting of the Standing Committee of AIBCLC society being held at NBCLC was a special occasion for the inaugural of the unique Grotto at the center...

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Leadership programme for Religious Superiors
"I am grateful to my provincial and to NBCLC forgiving me the opportunity, to attend the programme 'Tips and Tools for Inspirational Community Service and Leadership.' The seminar has enlightened and energized me to take up my role as an animator of my community."... {Read More}
Sachidananda Chapel
"Redemptories Missio" No. 52 states "Evangelization and inculturation are intimately related to each other, and through inculturation the Church offers herself to be a more effective instrument of the mission of the church." In response to the teachings of the Church, one of the main thrust of NBCLC... {Read More}
Emerging challenges in Moral Theology and Pastoral practice
The moral fibre of the society today, presents several challenges, to pastors and these involved in pastoral ministry. On the one hand in the public sphere rampant corruption causes suffering to the poor and ordinary people, on the other the structure of the family and its values are deteriorating... {Read More}
Latest News
Release of the Book "Inculturation in Liturgy"
A research seminar on Inculturation in Liturgy was organized at NBCLC from 6th - 8th.. {Read More} Launching the Golden Jubilee Year of NBCLC
It is 50 years since NBCLC was established by the CBCI. The significant Golden Jubilee milestone was inaugurated on February 05th... {Read More}

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