Since the Second Vatican Council, there is a renewed emphasis in Catechesis. The Catechism teachers need to be trained to have a deeper knowledge of the catechesis that is to imparted to persons of different age groups. Teachers have to imbibe, innovative and creative pedagody.

To fulfil these needs a seminar on “ Catechizing – A mission and a vocation” was organised at NBCLC, from 18TH TO 26TH May 2017. 02 Priests, 26 Sisters, 03 Laymen and 14 Lay women participated in the programme.

During the seminar Fr. Joy Pulikan pointed out the important role of catechesis in the mission of the Church. He stressed, the effectiveness of the human approach in the methodology of Catechesis. Explanation of the background and brief content of the major documents in Catechises such as Catechism of the Catholic church, YOUCAT and DOCAT, was given.

Drama & media in Catechesis, Faith Formation of youth. Family Catechesis and Liturgical Catechesis were some of the other topics that were dealt during the seminar. The participants were given an activity based practical training in pedagogy. Above all the participants were invited to follow Jesus method of teaching in imparting the Catechetical message, as Catechesis and mission cannot be separated.

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