We came for the course with wrong ideas and negative understanding of the term Mid-life: "New Time to Embrace Changes" (April 04 to - April 08) Modes of life up to now: Re-search & Reappraise Way of rising in future. Revise & Restructure. However the course not only cleared our wrong conception of the term but also enlightened us to realize that the phrase of mid life crisis was a time of renewal in everything. The resource person Rev. Fr. Gabriel used various techniques to drive home the message that one was not able to be anxious and scared of the various transformations taking place in our lives but to accept the changes with openness. He spoke with authority in this subject due to his long experience as a counselor. The interactive session and group sharing made our learning practical and zeal. We feel confident to continue our inner journey with awareness and embarrassing all that comes our way. This course was laudable and loveable in our life.

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