Malayam Seminar

A leadership programme for the laity was conducted in Malayalam from the 31st March to the 6th of April. There were 45 participants. Lay Leaders you are commanded by the Divine Joyously take the lead in the Church’s Mission.

The programme began with a general introduction to the Bible and presentation of some biblical models of leadership such as Moses, the kings, the prophets, the Apostles and above all Jesus himself. A session on women in the Bible was also presented to give a feminist perspective to their understanding of leadership in the Bible. In the second part the participants were introduced to some important areas of our liturgy such as Eucharist, the sacrament and the Para liturgy.

With the help of the teachings of Vatican II and catechism of the Catholic Church the participants were made aware of their role in the church at the parish level and at the level of small Christian communities. Modes such as lecture method, power point presentations, short inspirational films, group discussion, individual and group presentation, were employed to make the course lively and interesting. Spiritual activities such as Eucharistic celebrations, Morning Meditations, creative methods of leading the family prayers especially the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, an experience of the order of Indian rite Mass, Taize prayer helped the participants to relish the truths explored in the conference hall.

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