Leadership programme for Religious Superiors

"I am grateful to my provincial and to NBCLC forgiving me the opportunity, to attend the programme 'Tips and Tools for Inspirational Community Service and Leadership.' The seminar has enlightened and energized me to take up my role as an animator of my community."

"Having participated in the 10 day leadership course at NBCLC, I go to my community with confidence and with an assurance that I will be able to animate my sisters to live up to our commitment to consecrated life."

These are just two of the many similar responses from the participants of the two programmes on Inspirational Community service and Leadership. The first seminar was conducted from the 21st to the 30th of July with 68 participants and the second seminar, from 8th to the 17th of August with 36 participants.

Several relevant topics such as Pope Francis model of Leadership, Authority as the Face of Mercy, Empowerment of women, Have a green touch were discussed. Other topics such as 'Ethics and Moral issues in religious life, Inspiration from the Eucharist and the Parables, Prophetic Dimension of Consecrated life, Psycho-sexual maturity and Amoris Laetitia formed the major part of the deliberations of the seminar.

The participants were involved in group discussion and exercises related to the topics. They were led to deep experience of God through guided meditations on different themes, such as the Significance of the Sachidananda Chapel, the Green touch, River of life, Healing from the Cross and Walking with the word.

The entire programme was geared to develop Gospel leadership among consecrated persons.

Training to Develop Counseling Skills

A Chinese proverb states "A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses."When one works to improve the lives of others, one indirectly elevates one's own life in the process. With an attitude to elevate the lives of others, 32 participants (1Priest, 2Brothers, 27sisters, and 2 Lay persons) entered the counseling course , whole heartedly to imbibe the art of counseling. The course was conducted from 1st to the 6th of August. Sr. Juliana Pinto Ufs, guided the entire programme of 6 days with elan and enthusiasm.

She covered several topics, beginning with the history of counseling and leading up the various theories and stages in counseling.

Quality time was given to practice each of the skills that were introduced to the participants. The process was carried on at different levels, individuals, pairs and in groups of three and six. Each of the participants got an opportunity to tap into his/her counseling skills and to further develop mastery over the skills.

Sr. Juliana Pinto's ability to share and express her expertise was highly appreciated.

Feedback from the Participants:
In today's fast faced and digital world, there is a disconcerting lack of quality time being spent together by families. As religious, priests and persons in pastoral positions we are often called on to listen to people and accompany them in their struggle. During the course on counseling skills, through theory and practice we were introduced to the much needed field of counseling. What we have gained through this course will surely make a positive impact in our ministries and to those we minister to.

Bro. Sameer CFC

As a catechism teacher, I felt I was not qualified to guide students in their difficulties. This course has helped me immensely, to lead and counsel the young. I am grateful to NBCLC for this opportunity.
Ms. Sarah

Today the teenagers struggle with their emotional problems. Sr. Juliana Pinto has taught us skills to understand and accompany the young in their struggles. Thank you NBCLC.

Sr. Sally BS
Head Mistress
Presentation High School, Dharwar

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