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432nd National Seminar in Tamil for the Laity, "TRAINING IN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP FOR HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE CHURCH AND SOCIETY" was held at NBCLC in 2018, May 11 to 17.    

27 participants both men and women from 9 dioceses participated whole heartedly. In his inaugural address, the Director, Rev. Fr. Sagaya John explained the importants of the seminar.      

The first session was self introduction and sharing the life experience of the participants. Group dynamics and social analysis opened the eyes of the participants_ where and why we are in the society.        

Introduction of the II Vatican Documents and the New Vision brought by the II Vat. Teachings were clearly explained to the participants. Further some important Documents of the Council were explained. (Viz.) Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People, Church in the Modern World, Social Teachings of the Church, Call and Duty of the Laity, etc Further Family Life, Women in the Society, Youth, Environment, Social Media, Inculturation, Participatory Structures, and Lay Organizations were well explained. Group discussions were also held.      

Added to it every day Yoga and Dyana with Holy Eucharist encouraged the participants. On the whole the Seminar induced in the participants a new way of life and new understanding of the Church and Society.      

The success of the seminar was because of Rev. Fr. Sagaya John, the Director, Fr. Louis of Anjali Ashram, Rev. Fr. X.D. Selvaraj of Thoothukudi, Rev. Dn. Francis Xavier of NBCLC and other staff of the NBCLC. In addition some Lay People trained and formed by NBCLC also gave their interactions and animated the seminar.        

The participants and Animators thanked the Director and other staffs of NBCLC and Rev. Frs. for giving the golden opportunity to participate in the useful seminar and Training.

With Regards and Thanks
Laity Lawrence, Trichy.
Co-ordinator of the Seminar

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