Training of Lay Leaders in the Church has been an important aspect of the mission of NBCLC from its very inception. Training Programmes for Lay Leadership are conducted in various vernacular languages.

The 420TH National Seminar for Lay Leaders in Tamil was conducted from 10th to 16th of January. Twenty two men, Twelve women and Two Priests attended the programme. It is significant to note that programme was animated by Lay leaders, most of whom have been trained by Fr. Amolarpavdas the Founder, Director of NBCLC.

Over the past fifty years, these lay leaders have been regularly conducting two programmes every year. They invited Fr. Sagaya John the Director of NBCLC, Fr. Francis Xavier and Swami A. Louis of Anjali Ashram to conduct a few of the sessions. Two Priests Fr. Xavier Sundar and Fr. Maria Valan from Tamil Nadu participated in the Seminar. A vast array of topics were discussed during the seminar, social analysis, Church History, Teachings of the VAT II Inter Faith Dialogue, Challenges faced in the family, Church & Society were some of the themes, of the input sessions. Leadership qualities role of the Laity in the Church and their spirituality, inculturation, significance of different parts of the Liturgy were some of the other topics that were dealt during the seminar. Groups dynamics and participatory approach of the programme, helped the participants to imbibe the insight offered to them. The participants were led to deepen their spirituality through Yoga, Meditation and Marian Devotion.

The lectures brought increasing vigour to the Participants' life of faith and served to motivate them to adopt their faith life according to the needs of the time. On the 14th Pongal was celebrated with a meaningful and Joyful Liturgy. Participants expressed their gratitude to the Lord for the new harvest through dance and Music. All enjoyed a Community Pongal meal.


1. This seminar inspired us to celebrate the liturgy in a meaningful way. The use of Indian Symbols and signs, in the prayers helped us to integrate our spirituality in our day to day social life.

2. We appreciated the lucid manner in which the topics, relevant to lay people, were delivered by the team of lay resources persons.

3. We experienced the presence of the Risen Lord prevailing in the Campus of NBCLC. This seminar has inspired us to bear witness to the Risen Lord in our own homes, parishes and the society in which we live.

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