Kannada Report

Together we build the transformed church under this motto NBCLC organized a laity foundation secular in Kanata along with the collaboration Karnataka regional laity commission. Seminar was inaugurated in the presence of Fr. Sagaya John NBCLC director, Fr. Selvakumar Karnataka laity commission. Rev. Fr. Sagaya John welcomed all the participance for the seminar. Fr. Selva Kumar thanked all. First day all participants were enlightened by Fr. Anil D’ Souza, lighted on constitution,How constitution is very important to all. How are participated by the constitution was mentioned, sr. Charles taught how we are considered as minorities bot by number but our social status.

Fr. Santhoese joint secretary of the laity commission Bangalore enlighten the talk by giving Vatican II insights for all how the Vatican II has spent the doors of the church for the people was dealt with references to the different documents.

Fr. Arockia, laity commission secretary of Bangalore diocese he dealt with canon law and its importance for the church foundation. He highlighted the aspects of parish pastoral counsel & parish finance counsel participated were enrolled by his deeds.

Mr. Elisha Deputy Chief elected official was the resources person, he brought awareness among the participants about the voter id and judicial has the need to enroll our names for graduation and teachers constituency.

Fr. Jayanathan vicar general of the arch diocese of Bangalore he brought awareness among the participants how Vatican II has helped us to be more vocational and particpary people, he told that how to be a good leader with ten thoughts.

At last day, Fr. Faustino lobo, diocesan priest of Mangalore was the resource person he taught us on the subject of pastoral plan and execution in action in the region of Karnataka. His talk was very eye opener for us. Everybody was enriched with the knowledge of Vatican II, leadership, political awareness and so on. At last all are happy and pleasant stayed here.

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