NBCLC Campus, draws many visitors interested in inculturation and in the efforts to integrate Indian Spiritual Heritage in Christian Spirituality. On the 17th January 2017 a group of Ten Germans (Two Priests, Seven Lay Women, and a lay man visited NBCLC). All of them are involved in pastoral apostolate in the diocese in Germany.

They were guided through the campus by Sr. Ann Teresa. She explained to them, the traditional temple architecture of the Chapel, Sachidadanda, the meaning of Tabernacle . She pointed out that the seven stones of the tabernacle stand represent the Cosmic Tree, with the tabernacle in the center.

She also described the three murals, depicting the creation story of three tribal cultures and the use of the labrynth as a method of prayer.

The group participated in the Indian order mass. They were by the spiritual ethos of the entire campus.

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