Emerging challenges in Moral Theology and Pastoral practice

The moral fibre of the society today, presents several challenges, to pastors and these involved in pastoral ministry. On the one hand in the public sphere rampant corruption causes suffering to the poor and ordinary people, on the other the structure of the family and its values are deteriorating.

To help the pastors to be true shepherds to their flock and guide them as per the gospel values, NBCLC organized a seminar called "Emerging challenges in Moral Theology and Pastoral practice" from 11th to 15th of July 2016. 32 priests belonging Dioceses, all parts of India participated in the seminar.

Bishop Thomas Dabre, the Chairperson of NBCLC in his key note address referred to the specific contributions of Amoris Laetitia for the renewal of the family apostolate. Fr. Shaji George Kochuthara explained the Biblical and Theological perspectives of the vision of a Christian fly in the light of Amoris Laetitia. He then dealt with the challenges to the family in the Indian context. A few controversial issues such as the status of the divorced and remarried couple in the life of the Church, same sex unions, homosexuality and contraception were discussed.

The discussion was further developed the next day in the context of the changing perspectives of sexuality. Fr. Saji elaborated on the theological approaches to conjugal sexuality and also dealt with the crisis in the Church resulting from sexual abuse of minors. Through all these deliberations, guidelines for a new pastoral approach to the family were evolved.

Fr. Clement Compos addressed the need of the formation of Conscience. On the 14th Fr. Christopher, gave a thought provoking presentation on Euthanasia, emphasizing the dignity of life, and the importance of the role of the family and care takers of terminally ill patients. The artificial productive Technology and surrogate motherhood in India by Fr. William and gender justice by Sr. Julie were the other topics discussed during the seminar.

Feed Back
1. The seminar gave me new information and updating of Church's teachings and ethical trends.
2. I appreciated the input on the introduction of Amoris Laetitia and its pastoral application.
3. During this Seminar relevant topics were discussed. These subjects will help me to enhance my priestly
4. I became aware of the challenges the families face today, and I realized that I should be a pastor accompanying
     the people under my care.

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