Counseling Skills

We have started our counseling course for Religions at N.B.CLC. Bangalore from 6.08.2018 to 13.08.2018. About 50 women religious and 4 priests came from various places and different congregations. Our resources person was Sr. Juliana pinto. She was very enthusiastic and interesting to impart the skills of counseling.

She started with behavioral scenic from wholeness to holiness then characteristic of the counselor, kinds of listening, total and active listening. Then she moved on to various skills like balancing the body, mind and spirit also posture and culture empathetic understanding, Depressions, psychotherapy etc.

Theory was followed by practical, during the courses she gave us ample chances and time to counsel each other, everyday changing the partner to enrich each other. During general assembly we discussed our lights and shades. Through the video show we understood and enriched to put into practice the rules and methods of counseling in our daily life. We really appreciate Sr. Juliana for her dedicated service and made us the worthy counsellors to the people in need especially the young people who are in difficult situations. We are really enriched and enlightened by this course. We are grateful to Rev. Fr. Sagaya John the Director, other Father and brothers who helped us in all the ways by their word and deed. May God bless them and reward their sacrifices.

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