Nbclc- Catechists Program In Hindi At Suvarta Kendra, Pachmarhi From 16-20 Mar 17

From its very inception, NBCLC has been emphasising the role of the laity in the Church. Lay Leadership training programmes have been conducted in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi. A persistent need was felt to organise Leadership training programmes in Hindi. NBCLC organised leadership programs in Hindi for Tribal leaders from 30th of June to 11th of July 1993 and for Dalith leaders from 13th - 24th July 1993.

However it is for the first time that the NBCLC conducted an animation seminar in Hindi for Catechists, at the suvarta Kendra in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. The seminar was organised from 16th to 20th March 2017 with the objective to form leaders in mission for new evangelisation. 50 Catechists from the dioceses of Raipur, Ambikapur, Jamshedpur, and Agra attended the seminar.

Though these catechists had been trained as lay leaders and were working in the field for 5-40 years, they had no opportunity to have ongoing formation, during their ministry. So it was with great eagerness and enthusiasm that they participated in the renewal course.

Most Rev. Emmanuel Kerketta, Bishop of Jashpur ; Rev Fr. Sagaya John, Director NBCLC.

The following Themes were covered during the course:-

1) Leadership in the Mission for New Evangelization - Need and Urgency
2) History and Evolution of New Evangelization in the Church
3) New Evangelization - Focus of 'Evangelii Gaudium'
4) Missionary Disciple - Our Basic Identity
5) Master Plan of our Master Jesus
6) Master and Disciple with difference - Our intention of following Jesus
7) One Day Program of Jesus - as the Leader in Mission
8) New Methods of Our Leader and Master Jesus
9) Four Conditions for Leaders in Mission
10) Relationship with The Holy Trinity
11) Integral Relationship of the Leader in New Evangelization
12) Method of Making Disciples for a Leader in Mission
13) Vision of New Evangelization
14) Practical tips for a Missionary
15) One to one Evangelization
16) Catechists as Leaders - Backbone for the Church in North India


i) Most Rev. Emmanuel Kerketta, Bishop of Jashpur
ii) Rev. Fr. Sagaya John, Director NBCLC
iii) Rev. Fr. Panneer Selvam, Director, Suvarta Kendra
iv) Rev. Fr. John Baxia, Staff, Suvarta
v) Rev. Fr. Richard Monteiro, Staff, Suvarta
vi) Rev. Fr. Irudayaraj, Staff, Suvarta
vii) Mr. Louis Tonton, Sarkar, Lay Missionary, Suvarta were the resources persons .

The presence of Most Rev. Emmanuel Kerketta, Bishop of Jashpur, all through the seminar was a source of inspiration and encouragement to the participants as well as for the resources persons. Fr. Sagaya John, Director of NBCLC was the main motivating force for this programme. The participants expressed their joy, and felt that they were refreshed with a new spirit and to new ideas, to carry on their mission.

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