Atma Purna Anubhava

The Atma Purna Anubhava from 06th March to 12th March 2017, was a unique experience of self - realisation and God experience for the 23 sisters and a couple. At the very beginning of the retreat Fr. Louis the director of the retreat emphasised the need of both internal and external silence, and fidelity to the Dhyana periods of prayer. Spiritual life is a Yatra, a pilgrimage to the core of one's being where God resides.

This pilgrimage begins with a deep yearning to meet and experience the Almighty. Prayer and Upedesha ( exhortation) sessions were interspersed with the singing of the age old pilgrims song; Asotama Sadgamaya and The Gayathri Mantra. The Yatra, a movement towards inner freedom involves, raising of the level of consciousness, both in ourselves and in others.

Each day would begin with Yoga followed by Dhyana. The Eucharistic celebrations led the retreatants to a deeper participation in the paschal mystery. The day ended with Satsangh, when each of the retretants shared how the Lord had touched them during the day.

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