Community Gathering

Arch Bishop at NBCLC-Bangalore
It was on 18th June, 2018, the Arch Bishop of Bangalore, Most. Rev Dr. Peter Machado visited NBCLC and celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the staff and the co-workers. It was an unforgettable day because of his deep theological and spiritual reflection on the Word of God, impressed everyone.

He said that we are working for God’s kingdom and in his vineyard as members of the mystical body, we need to co-operate with each other. You are all members of this family and this family is known far and wide. Be simple, honest and hard working. Let not worldly things take away your simple and generous heart. Jesus is at your side and he walks with you, caring for you and guiding you. Spare time for prayer and the Lord will inspire you for your progressive steps. Keep the message of Jesus in your heart “Love one another, as I have loved you.”

His simple approach and friendly nature made everyone to feel at home with him. He also spoke to us about his visits as priest and bishop.

Nbclc has Fr. Sagaya John, the Director, Fr. Peter, two sisters and two brothers and eighteen co-workers. Each one has a specific role to play and all begin to work after a short prayer service in the morning.

After the Eucharistic meal we had fellowship meal all together, where everyone had introduced himself and herself. Fr. Sagaya John, the Director of Nbclc, appreciated Arch Bishop’s availability to offer Mass and his love for the institute. He also spoke about the Golden years, Nbclc celebrated and offered some books recently released. The Arch Bishop was happy to see the progress and he blessed everyone with love.

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