Two Week Course for Young Religious

They were here for a two week seminar on "The New Vision of Consecrated life". The programme covered a wide range of topics, such as Challenges of Religious Life, Women Empowerment and Gender Justice, Psycho- Spirituality, Formation of Conscience and moral issues in religious life, the ministry of the word and consecrated life in present day society, psycho- sexual integration, societal analysis, Eucharist and community living, Biblical perspectives of religious life. These sessions were presented by scholars, specialized in the respective fields. The prayer services and Eucharistic celebration were meaningful and fruitful for the growth of the young religious in their ministry. 

The young religious sisters from different congregations participated in the course. As a follow up each of the sisters prepared a plan of action for their life, for their personal life, community life and for their mission. This experiential course has awakened in the sisters a new enthusiasm for mission and has empowered them for their future ministry. 

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